Ipsy glam bag March/17

Hey everyone, I can finally say Spring is here! Yay! Today I want to share with you my March Glam bag. This months bag is super cute! And I feel like I will be using everything. The theme for this month is Très Jolie in French, which translates to Very Pretty (thank you google translate!).

First off I loved that they featured this little affirmation card which is extremely cute! 

Next, I’m very excited to try Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer I have been seeing this brand everywhere lately and the packaging is very nice. I love that it is a product for hair and I really like it when a product has more than one purpose. Another great thing? You can use it on wet or dry hair.

I already love the Tarte lip paints. So when I got the tarte cosmetics tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in vibin I was excited. I knew it was going to be great. It dries up extremely quick, very pigmented, and it does not Budge! So once it’s on your lips, girl you will forget you still have it on!

I already have a bunch of eyeliners but this one is special. ModelCo Eye Define Retractable Crayon Liner in Black Is awesome for tight lining. You can get extremely close to the lashes and it glides on perfectly. It’s also suppose to be long lasting and water resistant.

Now I have a thing with gold eye shadows, I LOVE THEM. I think it has to do with me being obsessed with the way Egyptians did their make up, this INT Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Goddess Gold is beautiful! You can add as much as you want and build the color up, or you could use it with a wet brush for a pop.

Speaking about brushes! The Beau Gâchis Tapered Blending Brush was also included in my ipsy bag and is perfect for eyeshadow. This brush is soft, fluffy and you can use it for highlighting as well!

I really enjoyed the products I got this month. I also like that you can use some of these for more than one thing. I hope you enjoyed this blog, If you have any questions or comments leave them down below. Thank you for staying til the end!

-Katye ❤

Embarrassing hospital stories! 

Being in the hospital sucks, but in between those sick, painful days you can also have a good laugh. Some of these stories were painfully awkward, funny, and embarrassing. Now that we look back on them, all we can do is laugh. Hope you enjoy some of our moments in the hospital!

Ring the Alarm 🚨: ” On one of my hospital stays, I needed to use the bathroom. When I was done with business in there I needed some assistance, right next to the toilet they had a “pull in need of assistance” string. I obviously needed help so I pulled it. Next thing I hear (literally took them 2 seconds) a whole team of nurses running into my room! They busted the door open yelling “what’s wrong?” “Are you ok?” I’m sitting there, in one of the most vulnerable positions I can be in and shockingly say, “I just needed help!”. They sighed in relief and actually told me you just don’t PULL THE STRING for help it’s only for Emergencies! After laughing hysterically, I knew I made a mistake that I would never make Again!”

-Kimberly ( my sister)

OPEN UP 🤐: ” I  was in the hospital and I still needed therapy to do simple things like feeding myself. Since I could not feed myself at the time one of the nurses would feed me. It all started out great until my nurse had to leave for a meeting! Of course Ladies you know that when we are in the hospital we are deffinatly not looking our best. Such a coincidence that a young, cute guy ( like around my age) was working around my area when she had to leave! So of course she asks him to FEED ME! How am I suppose to not be awkward when he is feeding me? When he is attractive, smells good, and here I am smelling like sweat, my hair frizzy, matted, and looking like a birds nest! Well this is a great first date (just kidding). It was completely silent and awkward. I mean he was FEEDING ME?! I tried to not make eye contact and I honestly never finished my breakfast. It was way to awkward! After that I made sure to beg one of my parents to arrive before breakfast until i could eat on my own.” 


Drugged up💊: ” I had to go downstairs to get a central line put in, everything turned out great then the doctor walked in and started talking to me about the hedgehog. I had never mentioned it to her, she said “Yeah, don’t you remember? You told me all about how you wanted one, what you would name it and how cute they are?”  Well I didn’t, turns out while I was in LaLa world all drugged up that’s all I spoke about! My family and I just cracked up. I quickly noticed I had to be very cautious about what I say, I can spill my deepest secrets while under the influence of those drugs!”


Break down 😩: ” I was a bit more mobile and was waiting to get transferred to the rehab center. The doctor came in with his crew and while they were catching up with me, my weight came up. The doctor was just suggesting I try to be as healthy as I can be and do any small activity I can. I had been in the hospital for almost a month and was nowhere close to going home, I was stressed out physically and mentally. I of course understood it all wrong! After they left I had a complete breakdown because I felt like he was calling me fat and lazy! All the nurses tried explaining that was not the case, this went on for almost all day. I even refused to see that doctor, I had them close my curtain so I could not even see him in the hallway. I was really hurt. After calming down I didn’t want to face him because I was so embarrassed, he knew what was happening the whole time and nurses had kept him away to not make matters worse. He actually felt really bad and was worried about me. We cleared up everything and I ended up needing therapy. It was an extremely stressful time”


TMI 😳: “One of many times when visiting my sister, turns out she had a roommate. When you are in the hospital you know that they are different kinds of roommates. We like to be very respectful of who ever is in the room wether it be a nurse, doctor, or another patient. I knew it was already a bad sign when the curtain between them was shut all the way, Like ALL the way! My sister didn’t really care for her much. As we were sitting there they had the curtain closed but spoke so loudly about all different types of things. Some things we never wanted to know honestly. I came out of that room knowing Too Much Information about them and BTW I never saw the girl behind the curtain but my sister did.”

-Katye & Kimberly

Sleeping like a baby 😴: ” I was in the ICU unit and was fighting off a pretty brutal infection. I needed a lot of rest and was exhausted. So I had some meds that helped me sleep. My family was there and they were just chilling. When I woke up my sister asked if I had felt anything. I was obviously out, she just laughed at me and asks me if I’m sure. Turns out the that my wonderful little sister had been playing with my bed the whole time. She would lift my head up and down, then she would try to sandwhich me in together as much as she could all while she was cracking up in front of me I didn’t even budge. You would think she would have some respect for me but nah. It was funny though I gotta say.”

-Katye & Kimberly
Hope you guys enjoyed some our funny/ embarrassing/ awkward moments. Tell me any of your funny moments and did you like this type of blog? Please leave your answer in the comments!


Free your mind 💭

The past week was pretty stressful. My sister was admitted to the hospital and when that happens it’s usually a chaotic time for us as a family. A lot of people still don’t understand how sick we get, and the fact that when either of us are admitted, most of the time means life threatening but not always. I will not get into detail of what happened, but I did want to share some ideas to cope with stress.

I am not an expert, but I do know I am a hard person to distract. Maybe some of these things will work for you or not, but I wanted to share some things that I have done.

  • Coloring- I already had a coloring book that had bible verses and positive Quotes. Plus I bought a whole new set of colorful sharpies to color with. It doesn’t ALWAYS work for me but I do enjoy it. My favorite things to color are big flowers and coloring in hair or makeup. Teeny tiny details give me really bad anxiety!  
  • Tv/movies – One tv show I’m still currently obsessed with is BOBS BURGERS. They are so goofy and funny it is impossible for you not to laugh or get distracted by their crazy adventures. My favorite chatter by far is Louis Belcher.
  • Cleaning/Decluttering- getting organized can really help if you have a lot on your mind.
  • Writing things down- when life is over the top with stress most of the time your mind can’t keep up. Something simple like lists can help A lot.
  • Radio or podcasts- I have found radio shows that I’m really into. It’s great because you can just sit or lay down listen and relax. 
  • Music- That’s a big one, I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t use music to cope. Just listen to what you are into maybe find new artists.
  • Pets- Ok, one of my favorites, just just snuggling with my doggy helps me out so much! It’s like they Really understand how you feel!
  • Comminication- I can not tell you how much me and my sister FaceTimed EVERYDAY while she was in the hospital. She wasn’t close we had to travel to get to her so sometimes I could not go, but we always saw each other! 

Hope you enjoyed some of my ideas, if you have any ways you cope with stress please tell me in the comments! Thank you for reading,



February is almost over and I still have to share with you the Ipsy Glam bag for this month. 

These are the goodies I got this month!

If you notice I do have more than just 5 products, but that is because I turned in my points! 

The products I chose in exchange for my points were Nail hugs they are described as being “non-toxic transfers” that are easy to apply. I’m pretty excited about these, they have a bunch of different designs and they seem real easy to put on.

Second thing I picked was from one of my favorite hair care brands Briogeo. It’s the Rosario milk, leave-in conditioner from the repair collection so you know it’s filled with good stuff for hair to absorb. Plus it smells really good!

Now to start off with what I actually got in my ipsy bag!  I got the Nyx Butter Lipstick in the shade ripe berry.It is more of a sheer red. I was expecting more of a bold, darker red but this is nice and not drying. Another thing is the color will come off, I ate a bagel with this lipstick on and it was all over so that’s a down side. 

Next is an eyeliner , It is the  Absolute New York Nano Liner Ultra Fine Precision Liquid Liner in Black. It’s suppose to be easy to control when lining ur eyes because of the fine tip. Plus it claims to be water resistant. Not super excited or eager to try, I’m not an expert on the cat eye look so I will probably be using this for practice! 

Next is one of my favorite things facial cleansers! I got the Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. It seems very transparent and natural which I like. It’s suppose to be good for sensitive skin and it has a light scent of roses! I’m really excited to try. You can even use this to clean your brushes so that’s neat.

Next on the list is the Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose. It is an illuminator which I believed was like highlighter until I read into it: Check out the difference between the two here! In a few words highlighter is more concentrated and ” highlights” certain areas of the face, While illuminator gives you a more over all “glow”. I wasn’t all that excited about it but now that I know what it could do for my skin I’m looking forward to using this! Can we also just talk about how pretty and colorful the packaging is?

Last but not least The Luxie Beauty   Blush brush in Rose gold. I have some luxie brushes and I really like them the bristles are very soft and they feel nice against the face. Plus it a cute brush!

If you want to sign up for IPSY and get Glam bags each month for only  $10 bucks Just click above! Thank you for staying til the end.


Make-A-Wish adventures (continued) 

So as most of you know my sister got a wish granted from Make-A-Wish foundation. I will forever be grateful with them, they made my sisters day so incredibly special! My family and I never expected to be so blessed. Of course on one of  the most special days of my sisters life my phone died and my moms iPad had no more storage space! I still have a bunch a pictures that I will share with you all. I will also go through the stores we went to and the wonderful surprises they had for my sister!

First off my sister got picked up in a limo! It was so shiny! The volunteers rode along and they had a special poster for my sister, flowers, cake pops personally made for her and champagne (just kidding sparkling cider) for the ride!

Once we got to the mall we headed to the visitors/guest desk where they presented Kim with a gift card from the mall to her. They had a wheelchair all ready for her and flowers. They were even nice enough to switch my wheelchair, and we were off to the Apple Store.

Kim knew exactly what she wanted! She got an IPad Pro along with some accessories to go with it. They were very patient and took all the time to explain to her what would work better for her depending on her needs. Since we had lunch reservations we left for lunch while they got everything ready for Kim. We later come to find out they upgraded Kim’s iPad with more gigabytes and they gave her a shirt and USB bracelet in her favorite color lime green. We are very thankful and surprised as these are tools Kim will be using for her education! Next was lunch.

They had decorated a booth for her. This was so special and nice! They had a banner that said happy 18 Bday Kim, a tiara,and little decorations. The service was amazing everyone was super nice! They made sure we were all comfortable. They endlessly refilled our drinks! We had a bunch of fun… maybe too much fun!

This was extremely nice as we rarely have the time or money to go out and eat without having to stress over something like a place being accessible, or people being patient enough with us. The only stress we had was the stress of having to finish our food! They asked Kim what she wanted for desert and she got that specially delivered with a whole group of waiters singing HappyBirthday! 

Next stop was sephora! Kim had a make over appointment scheduled.It’s pretty hard to see what they had written, but it said welcome Kim on the mirror.The sephora employee was super nice and really made Kim look even more beautiful! 

Kimberly bought some more makeup to add to her collection, and was surprised with a goodie bag from sephora! The manager personally delivered it to Kim and everyone was telling her how beautiful she looked!

Next on the list was bath and body.

As you can see they received Kim with a poster, tiara and more flowers! Oh did I mention how happy these people were to see kimmy?! They were so nice and made sure to clear the way for her to get through, and she had her own personal shopper, How awesome right?  Next on the list was build a bear.

Kim decided on a pikachu and bought it some slippers and a fabulous eye mask, Because even Pikachu needs beauty sleep!! Last but not least was Finish line.

The workers had a whole section that said VIP, they set up a table with cookies, balloons, and as you can see a poster welcoming her. She had three workers attending to her needs! They were so patient and helped Kim choose the perfect pair of shoes. They also had another surprise for her, at the moment they did not have the shoes Kim wanted in stock so they bought them for her and she will get them shipped home.It was so sweet of them, they have huge hearts and we are all very grateful. They truly went beyond our expectations and truly,honestly made her feel like the a VIP! 

During the whole time the volunteers were such a blessing as well! One of the volunteers made sure to put all the flowers in water and in a container. She was running from one end of the mall to another! The volunteers also were carring Kimberlys bags and pushing her around, making sure to stop when ever we needed breaks. Every single person was very special! They did such an amazing job and they sent home a Kim that was exhausted but also beaming with excitement from the wonderful day she had. Please support foundations like these they make kids really happy! I know I will forever support them and be thankful for the wonderful day we had! Thank you for staying til the end!

Check out My Make-A-Wish day vlog!

Make A Wish Adventures ⭐️

I was diagnosed with a blood disorder (APS) and other things that completely changed my life. My sister was also diagnosed with the same blood disorder I have and other things. We have the same disorder but they have presented themselves differently in each of us. She saw me struggle and she saw the best years of my life being taken away from me and even though at the time she showed no symptoms, she confessed to me that, “Her worst nightmare would be, to be diagnosed with what I have and while still in high school.” 

We went through a hard time getting a diagnoses with her, everyone was in denial that she had the same disease that changed my life forever. I mean the test came out negative! They had to be right?! Right?? WRONG, deep inside I feel like I knew but I didn’t want it to be true, so when her “worst nightmare” came true I felt like I had to do something special. 

My sister is my life! I could not live without her so if she hurts I hurt twice as much. Not only because she is my sister but because I know what she is going through, physically and mentally. It’s hard and It drives me crazy that so many people like to comment on chronically sick patients without really knowing what it is like, Without knowing the constant stress you and your family are under. My sister has gone through things no high school student (or anyone) should go through. 

All my life I thought Make A Wish was only for kids with cancer or kids who were going to die. Well not the case! I secretly went into their website read about the joy they bring kids and decided I was going to nominate my sister. I didn’t think much of it. I did not even think that it was a possibility that they would grant my sister a Wish. Then I got a call… THE call! They needed info on my sisters condition to see if she qualified! To make this short after waiting for a while they called me with the big news! 

We needed this bright light! I know material things don’t bring happiness, but the thought of being able to be granted anything you want is a great feeling. Of course the original Wish was not going to be possible as many hospitalizations were occurring. 

After much thought (and trust me it was hard!) we checked out other kids dreams, the volunteers helped us brainstorm we spoke to our parents. Let’s just say we changed the dream a bunch of times! It was embarrassing but they understood completely! I’m glad to say my sisters dream will become a reality really soon!!!!! I will update you guys real soon!

Please share your stories or your expierences with me! Have you had a dream granted or someone you know? Tell me all about it!


Things to do when you’re snowed in

As many of you know the east side is getting hit with a bunch of snow. That means school closing and cancelations of all sorts, so what can we do on that free time? I thought I would come up with a list of a few suggestions!

Numero uno- learn a new language, no I’m just kidding but you can if you like.

  1. Read a book. I personally have been really into the book “Me Before You” By: Jojo Moyes. 
  2. Watch a movie. 
  3. Binge watch Netflix or rewatch old favorites, I have so many shows I want to watch yet I keep going back and rewatching Bob’s burgers!
  4. Do something creative! Or start a DIY project. Get crafty!
  5. Go full on hibernation mode-No shame.
  6. Clean because why not!? 
  7. Do your nails or try one of those fun nail designs you’ve been wanting to do on yourself.
  8. Enjoy a bath with one of those amazing bath bombs everyone has!
  9. I personally love face masks mostly sheet masks. So hydrate your skin ( you’ll need it for this winter) Have fun pamper yourself!
  10. You could cook some nice comfort food, a soup, some stew. Or you could just order a pizza but hey I’m just giving ideas here!
  11. Binge watch all your beauty gurus on YouTube. Or just watch your fav.Youtubers. 
  12. Start planning and get organized for the week.
  13. Do any school/ work you still need to catch up on.
  14. Take the time to deep clean your house.
  15. Meditate
  16. Journal
  17. If you can get outside! Go make a snow man or snow angels, go sledding! Have fun.
  18. Take the time to call some relatives! Maybe your grandma? Aunts ? Uncles? Or even have a chat with a friend.
  19. Just chill with your pets or pamper them.
  20. Take the time to make your favorite warm drink and really just enjoy it, be thankful for all that you have.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little list of things I came up with. What do you like to do on your snow days? Or did I miss something on the list? Let me know below in the comments!